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iziExport - Trial

It is a free trial version of iziExport. The simplest way to export contents from InDesign to WordPress.

It is a free trial version of iziExport. The simplest way to export contents from InDesign to WordPress.

Trial version is fully functional, only limited by the amount of exports.

The full version is available at: https://www.adobeexchange.com/creativecloud.details.15737.html

With this InDesign add-on, you can turn any InDesign article into a new WordPress post in a one-click process.

Export is made at level article from InDesign. Contents to be exported must be tagged and added to the article.

For export, tags can be classified into two categories:
- Basic tags: title, main text, image, caption. Basic tags are always exported.
- Extra tags: subtitle, summary, blob, etc. Extra tags export is optional. Contents are inserted to the end of the main text.

Export directly the text of your InDesign articles to WordPress:
- iziExport detects automatically the title of the article, even when there are multiple fonts.
- Basic text styles (italic, bold, etc.) are kept when exporting.

Images and vector graphics are automatically exported:
- iziExport optimize the images for web.
- Vector graphics are converted automatically to JPG format.
- Multiple images are turned into a WordPress image gallery.
- Image captions are exported along with its corresponding image.

Before exporting, you can set WordPress categories, tags and custom fields:
- Export the InDesign article to WordPress in a one-click process.
- After exporting, the InDesign article is turned into a WordPress post, you can edit and publish it as any other post in WordPress.

(XML-RPC protocol must be enabled on your WordPress site. You can check it out by entering the following URL on your Internet browser: http://YourDomain/xmlrpc.php
You should get back the following message: XML RPC server accepts POST requests only)

More info at:



- Feature AUTO TAGGING that can help you to tag page items and create articles if your document has a layout similar to a standard newspaper.

- Allows export anchored images as inline images (default settings export images as image gallery).

- Allows export all the title ignoring font styles (default settings export automatically the main title).

- Fixed some errors when logging into WordPress.

- Increase of retries when ”Server communication error” occurs due to timeout produced in the Wordpress server.
- The tags other than title, text, image, caption and summary are automatically added as WordPress custom fields.
- Default image resolution to 96 dpi.
- Export footnotes and automatically links the reference. The best way to export scientific articles.
- Export multiple InDesign articles. Now, you can export all the 
articles of your InDesign document at once in three clicks. Each InDesign 
article is exported as a different WordPress post.
- Configure the resolution of the images to export, from 72dpi to 300 dpi.
- Export the summary tag (tagged with Adobe Indesign) to Excerpt (WordPress 
- Export other tags (tagged with Adobe Indesign) to WordPress custom fields 
with the same name.
- Export an article with a paragraph with a ”title” tag inside a text frame 
tagged with a ”text” tag.
- Export images and groups anchored in a story.
- Images can be exported like featured images into WordPress.

Navigate to Window -> Extensions to find iziExport Trial

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