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Snap.svg Animator

Export Animated SVG with Snap.svg and Flash.

Export Animated SVG with Snap.svg and Flash.

Publish animated SVG content for the web leveraging Snap.svg (http://snapsvg.io). This is a Custom Platform Plug-In for Flash CC which allows you to build rich animations in Flash and then export them to javascript using Snap.svg.

This plug-in is in active development, you can track and contribute to it's development on github:

Flash features not currently supported:
- Audio
- Text/Font Embedding is WIP
- Embedded images (stored in directory).
- Filters (on roadmap)



Add scripting support

After installing the add-on through the add-ons portal, the plug-in will be installed automatically. If you are having issues make sure you have synch enabled through the Creative Cloud desktop app. You should soon get a notification in your activity feed that the plug-in was installed. Now it will be available when you open Animate.

When you create a new document, you will now have the option to create a SnapSVGAnimator document. This will create a new document type when published that renders animated SVG content leveraging the Snap.SVG javascript library.

If you are having trouble installing through the addons portal, you can try installing with the .zxp and instructions found on github (https://github.com/cjgammon/SnapSVG-Animator) with the extensions utility application.

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