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TimeTracker Timesheets

Truly automatic time tracking for creative professionals

Truly automatic time tracking for creative professionals

Stop grumbling at your timesheet! There is now an automatic timesheet solution that's directly integrated with the Adobe Creative Cloud, and it's pure magic for creative professionals.

No more ”Start” and ”Stop” buttons. It's automatic!

TimeTracker automatically and privately captures your activity and produces a timesheet on demand. Developed by former Adobe employees for the world's top designers, you'll be impressed by the utter simplicity that makes it extremely fast (and almost fun) to do timesheets.

Simply install the TimeTracker extension, login, and work as you normally would. TimeTracker automatically captures your time when using your favorite Creative Cloud applications (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign). TimeTracker also learns how you associate billing codes to your efforts, so your timesheet will literally build itself in real-time with billing codes. When you're ready to submit your time, you can easily edit your timesheet and submit it to your financial/billing system.

This TimeTracker license lets you also capture your activity with Google Calendar; Exchange Calendar; Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Excel; Apple Keynote, Pages & Numbers and more! The TimeTracker extension for Creative Cloud installs in seconds and you can get started immediately. What are you waiting for?!

*********** Creating your account ************
After you complete the process with Adobe Exchange, the TimeTracker Basic extension will be automatically installed. Then, go to the Openhour.com website to create your account and start saving your time! You can choose any free or paid account.

*********** Pricing ************
The free version of TimeTracker gives you a rolling 7-day history of your timesheet data.

If you want more history, exports and reports, you will want TimeTracker Pro available at TimeTracker account signup.



This release adds a much requested filter for the jobs list. We've also tweaked performance and are now using ”Linked” instead of ”In progress” to show if the active document is associated with a job. Enjoy!

Navigate to Windows --> Extensions
Then select TimeTracker to open the TimeTracker Extension