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An After Effects exporter to html

An After Effects exporter to html

This is an After Effects extension to export animations to html.
A subset of AE features are supported.
Export to html, svg or canvas.



- FIX: external assets improvement
- EXPRESSIONS: multiple fixes and support
- REFACTOR: canvas shape renderer had an important refactor. Should support new render cases and have a performance improvement.
- REPEATERS: support for start and end opacity
- SUPPORT: added orientation support for 3d cameras
- FIX: text animators based on words and percentages
- EXPRESSIONS: layer name support for expressions
- SUPPORT: Orient along path with separate dimensions
- FEATURE: Ignoring merge path's last path if square
- FEATURE: Added crossOrigin attribute to images to avoid tainted canvases
- FEATURE: Added imagePreserveAspectRatio to rendererSettings for image layers
- FEATURE: Rove across time support

Navigate to Windows -> Extensions -> Bodymovin