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GoProof is the future of creative collaboration! Creatives share work for approval in unlimited cloud-based reviews with comments dropping right back into Adobe CC!

GoProof is the future of creative collaboration! Creatives share work for approval in unlimited cloud-based reviews with comments dropping right back into Adobe CC!

The GoProof collaboration ecosystem makes the creative journey enjoyable for everyone. It's a happy place!

Creatives use the Adobe CC extension to share their work for approval through the secure GoProof website portal, allowing as many collaborators as they want to view, comment, request version changes and sign off on it.

It removes the messy task of constantly exporting PDFs, MP4s or images and creating a ton of disconnected email trails every time feedback is required.

Collaborators have more than 10 markup tools to express their feelings with and can be assigned different roles in the review. Gatekeepers request changes to be made before finally hitting the sign off button when they're happy.

As well as tracking all projects, version history and design assets, GoProof includes workflow options for Adobe InCopy users to submit copy directly into Adobe InDesign documents and for managers to approve work with designers before forwarding it on as a new review to their clients.

Key GoProof features include:

- Plugin proofing extension for Ps, Id, Ai, Ic and Pr Creative Cloud products
- Send content for review and receive change requests back through Adobe CC
- No file-sharing, messy email trails or PDF exports
- One shared web app platform for document, video and copy proofing
- Unlimited, role-based collaborators who don't require CC licenses
- Multiple workflow options
- iOS and Android mobile app for collaborators
- Customizable notification email templates and ‘sent from' domains
- Export file uploader for proofing PDFs, PNGs, JPGs, GIFs, TIFFs, BMPs and MP4s
- Full version history management

”GoProof has made good use of the Creative Cloud platform by building a panel that gives their customers access to GoProof directly within Adobe tools like Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC, which streamlines the review and approval process for creative teams.”
Drew Endick, Platform Partnerships Manager, Creative Cloud, Adobe



v3.0 of GoProof features groundbreaking proofing workflow integration with Adobe InCopy. It allows copywriters to submit new and edited copy directly to the creative's InDesign document prior to proofs being shared for review - as well as tracking version history of all copy submits so they can easily be reverted.

InCopy users do not need to be linked to the InDesign documents through private or local file paths. It's all done through the GoProof cloud, making access much more flexible and reliable.

1. Download and install the GoProof add-on from this page
2. Open InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator or InCopy CC
3. Select and open the GoProof Add-on by navigating to Window > Extensions > GoProof
4. In the GoProof panel click Create GoProof Account to set one up or LOG IN if you have one already
5. That's it, start proofing amazing creative cloud work!

If you have any issues installing an extension using the standard instructions above, please use Adobe's alternative install method. To do this, visit your My Exchange page https://www.adobeexchange.com/my-exchange.html, click on the 'Install issues?' link to the right, then follow the instructions to install it using an Extension Install Utility. If you're still getting stuck, email asupport@adobe.com for help!

If you have any general user questions, visit the GoProof support page at https://www.goproof.net/support/help-sheets

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