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ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud

Design with Data-Driven Maps

Design with Data-Driven Maps

Enables design & communication professionals access to data-driven maps from Esri's ArcGIS platform.

With Illustrator 
・you can consume vector content, allowing you to easily edit and restyle
・you can consume image (raster) content into separate layers
・automatically apply libraries (symbols, brushes and swatches)

With Photoshop
・ you consume image (raster) content only

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The new 1.3.2 release of ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud includes the following updates:

Mapboards—Defining the extent of your map is now easier. This release introduces the ability to define an extent from a layer, a map, or a file saved on your computer.

Embed map—Your compiled map can now be embedded when you sync as part of your Illustrator or Photoshop document so you can come back to it later.

Favorites—Use the Favorites button when adding layers or webmaps to organize content that you frequently use. This new functionality allows you to gather content and make it readily accessible.

Redo/Undo—Undo or redo actions in the Compilation window.

Keyboard shortcuts—Simple shortcut keys, similar to common shortcuts used in Adobe apps are now supported.

Share to ArcGIS Online—Save your maps created with Maps for Creative Cloud as items in ArcGIS Online.

Projections—You can now specify custom projection parameters for your compiled map.

A number of bug fixes, that were found at the release of version 1.3 and 1.3.1

Navigate to ”Windows -> Extensions” to find ”ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud”

- Sign in using your email address or your ArcGIS Online account

- Define a Mapboard, a ”geographic” artboard of your map's location

- Discover themed data & compile those assets into your mapboard

- Sync your mapboard layers to your Illustrator or Photoshop layers

Complimentary access using your email address allows access to public ArcGIS Online content. It also provides the ability to find and add local data, define map visualizations, and download data as artwork layers.

With your ArcGIS Online account, you have access to public, organizational, and premium content. It also provides advanced control over visualization and downloading of artwork layers.