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AEM Tags Panel for Bridge CC

AEM Tags Panel for Bridge CC adds AEM Tags to Bridge as Custom Keywords

AEM Tags Panel for Bridge CC adds AEM Tags to Bridge as Custom Keywords

The AEM Tags Panel for Bridge CC enables users to log in to their Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) server and then load the Tags into Bridge as Custom Keywords. Users can log in to AEM then select the namespaces they want to import into Bridge. Once imported, a new Custom Keywords panel called AEM Tags becomes available with all of the tags and their hierarchy. Users can then view, add, or change applied AEM Tags on assets.
The new Custom Keywords infrastructure in Bridge CC also supports Metadata Templates, so users can select an image with applied AEM Tags and use it as a Template for other assets.
This panel is intended for customers with Adobe Experience Manager whose Creatives want to access to AEM Tags on assets managed by AEM. It also provides an interface for Creatives to manage AEM Tags on assets outside of AEM, such as photo shoot collections and documents that will be imported into AEM at a later date.
Admins can also create and export a Custom Metadata Panel XML file that they can share with their Creatives or with their external partners to help ensure compliance with metadata tagging on inbound assets.
AEM stores AEM Tags on assets that support XMP. The AEM Tags Custom Keywords panel offers an interface to these values in XMP.  It is common for users to install the AEM Tags Extension and the AEM Desktop App, which is available at https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-3/administer/integration/aem-desktop-app.html

If your AEM Tags change on your server, you can simply log in to AEM and update your panel. Select the namespaces you want, and Generate a new panel. It will overwrite your existing panel, so you will need to restart Bridge or reload your Bridge window to see the changes.

When you apply AEM Tags, you can see the raw tags at the top of the AEM Tags Custom Keywords panel. You can hide them by disabling Show Assigned Keywords in the flyout menu of the panel. You can also search for tags using the search bar at the bottom of the AEM Tags Custom Keywords panel.



This version works with Bridge version and higher. Fixed an issue that prevented the AEM Tags Custom Keywords panel from loading. For the technical people, the issue arose due to our attempt to declare a new XMP namespace for the AEM Tags. The latest Bridge release has the AEM Tags and AEM DAM namespaces pre-declared, so we needed to ensure that we were using the same prefix as Bridge. For reference, xmlns:cq=”http://www.day.com/jcr/cq/1.0” and xmlns:dam=”http://www.day.com/dam/1.0” are pre-declared by Bridge.

AEM Tags Config will appear in Window>Extensions>AEM Tags Config

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