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Clear Nine Patch

An extension for Android nine-Patch image.

An extension for Android nine-Patch image.

* Clear the superfluous stretchable areas through selection.
* Automate minimising the stretchable patches that are defined by the left and top lines to 1px width or height. (Only supports the NinePatch images that have a 1-pixel-wide black line in stretchable areas).
* Draw and remove the 1-pixel-wide black line.
* Duplicate patches from an active document to another.
* Export the PNG for devices.



v1.0 Build 20140501
* Clear Vertical/Horizontal/Both.
* Minimise Horizontal/Vertical patch, batch minimise.
* Draw/remove/duplicate patch.
* Save, export png24, undo.

After installing Clear Nine Patch, restart Photoshop than navigate to Windows - Extensions - Clear Nine Patch to open the panel.

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