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Protect INDD

This plug-in protects InDesign documents with passwords.

This plug-in protects InDesign documents with passwords.

* InDesign CC 2019 is supported now.

A demo video can be found here: http://y2u.be/vCiZPDAm1sY

This plug-in protects InDesign documents with passwords.

For the users who need to open the password-protected documents without purchasing the full version of Protect INDD, please install Unprotect INDD, available here: https://www.adobeexchange.com/creativecloud.details.3177.htm.

How it works:

Protecting - use menu [ProtectINDD->Export with password...] to save a document, providing a password and a hint to make the document safe.

Batching - use menu [ProtectINDD->Export from Folder...] to protect all .indd files from the specified folder in batch.

Unprotecting - open the password-protected documents in InDesign with Protect INDD or Unprotect INDD installed, input the correct password to clear the password and open the document.

Note: after opening the protected document with the correct password, the document is opened and the password is cleared at the same time, no matter whether the document is saved or not.

If a user with no Protect INDD or Unprotect INDD tries to open your document, an incorrect document will be opened.

It works offline and never collects any user information so is completely anonymous.

For any questions please contact protectINDD@gmail.com



InDesign CC 2019 certification

After the installation, a main menu 'ProtectINDD' will appear in InDesign tool bar.

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