H. Stoll AG & Co. KG

December 03, 2017

It is an open secret that Stoll is interested in accelerating production. Apart from being flexible and reliable, productivity is a key element for the modern knitting machines. Some models in the CMS machine series, now having added an „HP“ to their machine designation, could increase their productivity depending on the machine gauge and some influencing factors by up to 14%. This increase was achieved by an even shorter carriage stroke, a faster carriage reversal and a yet higher carriage speed. The well-known fast carriage return of Stoll machines guarantees short knitting times due to the power RCR – in particular where knitting wear is concerned that requires a large number of short strokes. The comfortable height of all important machine elements enables an ergonomic working at the CMS machine. You will find further information under “Machines”.
  • The extension enables designers with knowledge of knitting techniques to create artworks.
    Combine knitting expertise & design seamlessly with STOLL-artwork®!