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Export As SVG is a useful panel for exporting vector content that's HTML5-compatible. You can now easily export your symbols for embedding on a web page or for use in native mobile application development.

Export stage selections, library symbols or the current frame as an SVG graphic. This panel has the option to export SVG curves as either cubic (for greater compatibility) or quadratic (smaller filesize).

To open the panel, go to Windows > Other Panels > Export As SVG.

How to Use:

Important Note: SVG images do not support symbols (like graphics or movie clips) and therefore all symbols are broken apart before being exported. If the results are undesirable, un-symbolize your artwork before selecting and exporting (grouped graphics and primitives are okay). Export As SVG does not support filters, masks, or color adjustments.

There's one of three selection types that can be export.

Option 1: Current Selection. Select a bunch of objects on the stage and hit the "Current Selection" button in the panel. This will use the coordinate system relative to the stage. Then, select the name and location where to save your SVG file.

Option 2: Current Frame. In the Timeline panel, go to the specific frame you'd like to export and hit the "Current Frame" button in the Export As SVG panel. This will export of the contents on the current frame you're on. Then, select the name and location where to save your SVG file.

Option 3: Library Items. Select one or more items from the Flash's Library panel and hit the "Library Item(s)" button. This will save each graphic, movie clip or button as a separate SVG file. For symbols with multiple frames, only the first frame will be exported. Then, select the folder location where to export the file. The name of the SVG file will be the same as the Library name.


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- Added a property to the exported SVGs that have better scaling on Internet Explorer.